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Whistleblower Policy

Compliance is a top priority at Corden BioChem!

We are convinced that sustainable business success and compliance with laws, regulations and ethical standards are closely linked. Even minor violations can cause lasting damage and therefore must be taken very seriously.

For this reason, we encourage anyone who has become aware of suspected compliance or regulatory violations at Corden BioChem or involving Corden BioChem employees to report it through our electronic reporting system or by phone.

Corden BioChem will investigate any suspected breach of compliance. The platform provides a secure and anonymous way to communicate with us and offers you full protection as a whistleblower. Corden BioChem’s Whistleblower System is available on a secure server via the link below. Please note that the platform is only used to report compliance or legal violations.

If you have any other enquiries (e.g., about a special product), please use the usual contact options:

By phone:
Mo. – Fr.: 09:00 – 17:00
+49 800 3800 999